Third Grade

Angela Braatz


3rd and 4th grade students

Third Grade Curriculum

Handwriting: Our students improve their printing and focus on sizing letters and spacing words. They learn to write the alphabet in cursive and then gradually start connecting letters to make words. We use Zaner-Bloser Handwritting 2020.

Memory Work: Our students develop their memory skills by learning various Bible passages that are associated with our daily Bible stories. We use the Christ Light Curriculum.

Reading: Our students follow the Lucy Calkins series for reading including Building a Reading Life, Reading to Learn, Character Studies, and Research Clubs.

Religion: In alternating years our students learn the New Testament Stories and Old Testament Stories. They also learn songs or hymns to sing in church or use as prayers in the classroom. We use the Christ Light Curriculum.

Social Studies: Our students learn all about different communities through the MacMillan/McGraw Hill Text, Our Communities, which focuses on history, geography, economics, government, citizenship, culture, science, technology, and society.

Spanish: Our students learn using Rosetta Stone on their Chromebooks.  They practice identifying and hearing Spanish words and phrases.

Phonics/Spelling: Our students retain, internalize, and transfer valuable spelling knowledge for improved results in all areas of literacy in the classroom and beyond. We use Zaner-Bloser’s Spelling Connections 2022.

Language Arts/Writing: In language arts, our students develop their skills in grammar and writing. We use the Shurley Method along with Lucy Calkins writing workshop with focus on opinion, information, and narrative writing.

Science: Students study a variety of areas throughout the curriculum of Earth Science, by 2009 Harcourt Inc.

Math: Our students develop mathematical concepts through the 2022 Big Ideas Learning Curriculum.

Music: Our students learn songs; both secular and religious. They also learn about instruments through the 2020 Plank Road Publishing Inc.'s program of Ukulele/Recorder/Karate, a highly motivational method for young players.

Physical Education: We use the SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) Curriculum for our lower grades. Designed to involve all students, these programs encourage activity, incorporate social skills, and emphasize health-related fitness and skill development.

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