First Grade

First Grade Curriculum

ELA (English Language Arts): Our students learn the parts of a sentence and parts of speech, including nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, article adjectives, prepositions, object of the preposition, pronouns and subject pronouns. We use SuperKids.

Handwriting: Our students continue to develop manuscript writing while striving for neatness. We use the Zaner-Bloser letter formation approach.

Reading: Our students learn through mini-lessons and guided reading groups according to their ability level. They learn to apply phonics rules to reading and writing.

Religion: Our students learn to know and love their Savior through BIble stories. They also develop recall by memorizing Bible passages and hymns. We use the Christ Light curriculum.

Social Studies: Our students study and learn about people and places. They also learn introductory map skills. We use a text published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill.

Spanish: Our students use Rosetta Stone.

Writing: Our students develop written communication skills through units that include personal narratives, informational writing and persuasive writing.

Science: Our students learn about animals, plants, earth, habitats, natural resources, weather, seasons, planets, matter, heat, light/sound and motion. We use a Harcourt  curriculum.

Math: Our students continue to develop a sense of numbers and operations, including addition and subtraction. They also learn measurement, time, money, and fractions. We use Big Ideas.

Art: Our students create weekly art projects noting elements of art and exploring through the use of different media.

Music: Our students learn to understand rhythm, tempo, dynamics and learn about different notes.

Physical Education: We use the SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) Curriculum for our lower grades. Designed to involve all students, these programs encourage activity, incorporate social skills, and emphasize health-related fitness and skill development.

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