Getting Started

Choosing a new school is a big decision that affects not only your child, but also your entire family.  Your child can attend Holy Cross Lutheran School without being a member of our church. We consider all students—including those who are transferring at any time during the academic year, those who have other church homes or do not attend church, and students with special needs.

Your First Step

The best way to learn more about Holy Cross is to see our school in action!  Contact our principal, Mr. Rick Holz at or team member Mrs. Pam Starkenburg at for more information or to schedule a visit. Our staff has decades of experience and they have a deep desire for all students to reach their full potential—educationally, physically and spiritually.

During your visit, you can share insight into your child's strengths, abilities and areas of need, and learn how Holy Cross can help you and your child achieve your academic goals.

You also can talk with Mr. Holz  about scheduling a time for your child to shadow a classroom during the school day. Filled with fun, physical activity and learning, this shadow day enables your child to work alongside our students and teachers and experience some of the many advantages and activities our Holy Cross community offers. This opportunity is available to students in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Holy Cross Sunday School

Financial Aid

Holy Cross Lutheran School is a ministry of our Holy Cross Lutheran Church, which subsidizes the cost of education, enabling our school to offer a competitive tuition rate. However, just as we know that each child has individual learning needs, we also understand that each family’s financial situation is unique. Our goal is to make it possible for every student to benefit from a Holy Cross education. Through our Partners in Christ school support fund, we provide thousands of dollars in total financial aid every year to families that need additional assistance. 

In addition, Holy Cross Lutheran School participates in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program (WPCP). For students who qualify for the WPCP, the state of Wisconsin provides a voucher that pays the student's tuition in full. Open application periods vary by program. 

During your school visit, our principal, Rick Holz, can share more information about how you may be able to access these financial resources. 

Our faculty and staff look forward to spending time with you and your child. If you decide Holy Cross School is a good fit for your family, Mr. Holz will walk you through the application process. We look forward to being of assistance to you. Call and make an appointment with Rick Holz today!


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