Kindergarten Curriculum

English: Our students learn nouns, verbs, adjectives and subject nouns through lessons and writing. We use the Kinder Grammar curriculum.

Handwriting: Our students learn how to write each letter in both uppercase and lowercase using the Zaner Bloser method.

Phonics/Spelling: Our students master letter identification and sounds, learn short and long vowels, word families, digraphs, blends and vowel teams. Our students also learn high-frequency words. We use SuperKids.

Reading: Our students work in class, in small groups and independently to practice word fluency, sight words, reading strategies, writing, reading to themselves and using technology. They participate in shared poetry and whole-group reading using KinderLiteracy in which they work on vocabulary, comprehension, writing and a craft based on weekly books and book themes. They also participate in an Accelerated Reader program in which they read books,take quizzes on the books as a class, and move toward working independently.

Religion: Our students learn Old Testament and New Testament Bible stories, the 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and many songs. We use the Christ Light curriculum.

Social Studies: Our students learn about our country symbols, maps, rules and community helpers. In class, they read the Let’s Find Out newspaper from Scholastic. We look at economics, countries, then and now. We use the Kinder Social Studies curriculum.

Spanish: Our students learn basic vocabulary, including colors, numbers, days of the week, seasons, months of the year, animals and household items. They also learn simple conversation. We use Rosetta Stone.

Writing: Through daily practice, our students learn to express themselves in the written word, starting with shared writing and progressing to complete sentences and writing in different genres.  They also learn how to communicate through activities such as journal writing and writing a research report.

Art: Our students engage in creative artwork projects that extend their knowledge of the seasons and seasonal celebrations.

Music: Our students sing daily using the piano and smartboard and play along with the songs using instruments such as the tambourine, maracas and triangle. They also learn music theory terms.

Physical Education: Our programs are designed to involve all children, enable them to be more active, incorporate social skills, and emphasize health-related fitness and skill development. We use the SPARK (Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids) Curriculum for our lower grades.

Science: Science: Students will study gravity and motion, rocks and soil, changes in water, plants and animal needs, forces and states of matter. Our students also conduct experiments, using hypothesis and outcomes. We will use KinderSTEM. 

Math: Our students learn how to quantify and measure the world. They focus on number “sense” to 100, addition and subtraction fluency, subitizing to 10, understanding 2D and 3D shapes, telling time to the hour, and money, measuring, patterns, sorting, comparing numbers and problem-solving. We use the KinderMath curriculum.

Others: Our students learn keyboarding skills and visit our school library.

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