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Jodi Hougan
Jodi Hougan
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We are excited to host our summer vacation bible school! Ready, Set, Gold! Is our theme this year. It will be Tuesday, July 6th-Friday, July 9th from 9am to 11:30am. Ages 3 to 6th grade are welcome to attend. You can email your registration form to frontoffice@holycrossmadison.org or drop it off. Attached is the Flyer and Registration Form.

Easter Sermon Excerpt from Pastor Orvick Pastor Orvick was the well-loved pastor at Holy Cross from 1954 - 1986. Here’s an excerpt from an Easter sermon he preach here: “A group of residents of a nursing home was expressing their fear of death to a pastor. They were sick and knew they would not live very long. The thought of death created anxiety and fear in their hearts. The pastor then said, ‘Suppose I told you that I could lead you from this room into another room. That new room would be one where there would be no more sickness or fear. You would all be healthy. No more wheelchairs. No more pain. As soon as you entered this room you would again be in the prime of life. But to get into this room I had to lead you through a dark tunnel that would be frightening. How many of you would follow me?’ Everyone raised their hands. ‘Well, he said, this is just what death is like. Jesus takes you by the hand and leads you through a dark tunnel. But he leads you right into that room which is bright and beautiful and free from all sorrow. ForJesus said, ‘in my Father’s house are many mansions.’ (John 14:6) Yes, because Jesus lives we too shall live forever.”

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