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VBS: Travel Back in Time to Jerusalem- Enjoy bible stories, games, snacks, singing and more!  Monday, June 26th - Thursday, June 29th from 9:00am - 11:30am

Member Mixer Greetings members of Holy Cross! 3-4 times a year we joyfully welcome new members to our congregation, but incorporating folks into your social circle is tough if you're only targeting a couple minutes before/after church. The new members get a 10-second biography and their picture shown, and statistically that's one of the last times you interact with them. As a congregation we vowed to help them, support them, love them, and pray for their faith - but how can we be meaningful about that if we can't even recall their names?? To take it a step further, during church how many of the 200+ people in the room do you NOT know who are NOT new members? Some have been members for decades! Surely we can pray generically and God responds, but if I know my neighbor and his needs, aren't I more able to support, help, love, and pray for them? Of course! To that end, the Membership Development board is sponsoring a Member Mixer on Wednesday night June 14th (Flag Day) from 5:30-7:00. Come and have dinner with other members of Holy Cross and get to know new people, people you worship with weekly, people you sit next to but don't know their names. Hosted by Brian Braatz, this awkward and uncomfortable ritual will be a fun and significant way to get to know people beyond their ability to recognize the weather and report the Brewers score. Please sign up at the Welcome Center so appropriate plans can be made. Dinner will be served - pizza and pickles and bagged salad Babysitting will be provided - but kids are members too and are welcome to mix Suggestions or questions? BrianABraatz@gmail.com

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