Something for Everyone

An important part of The Holy Cross Way is providing opportunities for members of all ages to have fun, meet others and grow in their faith.
Some of these opportunities include:

Bible Studies

These classes offer more in-depth discussions of the Bible and its practical application to life issues. They help us grow in our faith and share the love of Jesus with others. Classes are offered between services on Sunday mornings, on Wednesday mornings at 7 and 10 a.m. and various other times during the year. To learn more about our current study groups, call one of the pastors at 608-249-3101.


Youth Activities

Nurturing the faith of our youth is a vital part of The Holy Cross Way. The enjoyable, interactive activities we offer give them opportunities to grow in their faith. They also provide places to meet other Christians and develop new friendships with those who share their beliefs. Our Youth Activities include:

  • Sunday School
  • Sunday Youth Night
  • Summer Vacation Bible School
  • Camp Indianhead
  • High School Youth Convention



Opportunities for Fellowship and Service

Holy Cross provides a wealth of opportunities for adults to meet new people, share their talents, support each other and grow in their faith. These include:

  • Adult Choir
  • Adult Hand Bell Choir
  • Women's Service and Study Groups
  • Men's Study Groups
  • Prayer Chain
  • Senior Ministry Activities
  • Jesus Cares Ministry for special needs adults
  • Governance Boards and Committees

Catechism: Our students study the chief parts of Christian doctrine using Martin Luther’s Small Catechism, the Bible and a weekly workbook that correlates with the chapters of the catechism.

Handwriting: Our students continue practicing cursive lettering with use of Zaner-Bloser worksheets and progress to using regular lined notebook paper.

Memory Work: Each week, our students learn Bible passages and parts of the catechism.

Literature: Our students focus on integrating the arts to make a connection with the reading content. We use a novel lesson books-based curriculum.

American History: Our students learn how our country began and grew. We use the text, U.S. History, Creating America: Beginning to Reconstruction and Reconstruction to present, published by McDougal Littell, 2002.

Spanish: Our students learn Spanish through Duolingo on their Chromebooks. They reinforce online lessons through flashcards and opportunities to speak Spanish throughout the day, including a “Spanish” day dedicated to mostly speaking Spanish.

Spelling: Our students retain, internalize, and transfer valuable spelling knowledge for improved results in all areas of literacy in the classroom and beyond. We use Zaner-Bloser’s Spelling Connections 2012

Language Arts/Writing: Our students participate in forensics, and in particular, develop public speaking skills through a four-minute speech presentation. They also learn through The Shurley Method for language arts, which includes a heavy dose of grammar and writing.

Science: Our students learn science concepts and principles in a hands-on approach. We use the STEM Fuse curriculum.

Math: Our students deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts through smaller, easily assimilated increments are spread across the year. They review and build connections to other “strands” every step of the way. We use the Saxon Math curriculum.

Art: Our students learn studio art techniques, including portrait design, charcoal pencil drawing, sumi-e painting, fundamental watercolor painting, puppet-making, and block printing.

Music: Our students continue participating in handbell and vocal choirs and perform in church, chapel and the Lakeside Lutheran High School Fine Arts Fair, among other opportunities. Students also learn to read music.

Physical Education: Our students learn skills in several sports, including volleyball, cross-country, basketball, archery, track and field, dancing, and softball, in conjunction with cooperative games that emphasize teamwork, problem-solving, and the importance of fair play.